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5 Cs in Comm Mortgage

With same payments on your mortgage own your property 25% years earlier

If you are one of the tens of millions of Americans with a 30-year mortgage, do you realize how much you’re paying your lender in interest charges? Consider this! On a $125,000 mortgage at 6.75%, you’ll pay $166,867 in interest plus the $125,000 you borrowed for a total of almost $292,000!

Now listen to this! After paying your lender 10 years of payments totaling $97,290, guess how much of your $125,000 loan you would have paid off? Sadly, out of your $97,000 in payments, you’ll only pay your loan down by $18,374 …the rest will go to pay interest! But, what if you could build home equity at double or even triple that rate by making just one minor change? Well, now you can…

The fact is, homeowners across America are beginning to realize that it’s smart to accelerate the payoff of their home loan… rather than throw away tens of thousands on excessive interest charges.

Presenting… The Equity Acceleration Program®

The USMR Equity Acceleration Program allows you to cut the amount of interest you pay on your mortgage and build equity up to three times faster. It’s the perfect way to pay off your loan sooner, while increasing equity and reducing interest expense. You can accelerate almost any type of business or personal loan. Here’s how it works.

Instead of you making your loan payment once a month, your checking account is debited for one-half of this amount plus a small debit fee every 2 weeks. (For example, if your total monthly mortgage payment is $1,000, your account would be debited for $503.95 every 2 weeks.)

A biweekly plan substantially reduces the amount of interest you’ll pay. This concept has been endorsed by everyone from the WALL STREET JOURNAL to CONSUMER REPORTS to the U.S. Government. Just imagine the interest charges YOU could SAVE by using USMR’s Equity Acceleration Program (EAP) on your loan or mortgage!

Build Home Equity… Up To Three Times Faster!

By enrolling into USMR’s Equity Acceleration Program, you can build home equity up to three times faster than with your present monthly payment method. And in the above example, you could reduce your loan balance by $32,402 over the first 10 years… that’s over $14,000 more than with your current plan. The best news is that your loan could be paid off in about 23 years, not in 30!

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Please contact us to save 22 to25% of your mortgage period and save 20% of your mortgage repayment amount, Own your house 25% earlier time, than imagined

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